Fun fact:

Loves and accepts only rational gifts.

Main traits:
  • Stores any form of energy
  • Skilled in Munchthematics
  • Rationality

Experiences every change intensely, like a battery

Meet Giga

Every team needs a leader, and the RoboMunch team is no exception. That's where our Alas comes in! He makes the best decisions and always thinks ahead about everything. Absolutely everything.

He may seem strong and severe, but he's as soft as a cloud. He cares for the team, birthday gifts, gatherings, and upcoming adventures.

He believes that adventures are the best, so he encourages the team to embark on fantastic new escapades. He's a great motivational speaker, so the entire crew is always ready for action!

Vasko is his good friend, mentor, and confidant. They met when Alas was very young. Alas listened to Vasko's tales of incredible adventures, and that's when he decided to become a famous explorer one day.

He had a notebook where he would draw himself and his crew every night. Interestingly, there were precisely 15 of them in that notebook—just as many as in the RoboMunch team. Build the next RoboMunch!