Fun fact:

Doesn't step on the ground to protect plants.

Main traits:
  • Attention to detail
  • Expert in collecting samples of new plant species
  • Cares about details and plants

Doesn't understand dad's jokes

Meet Vasi

He is an expert in collecting samples of new plant species.

He loves them so much that he never steps on the ground and warns the team to be more careful. When not collecting plants, he draws them, takes photographs, or writes about them.

Vasko, the oldest member of the crew, is his dad. Vasi loves spending time with him and learning new things, even though he never understands his dad's jokes. Vasko has been taking him on adventures since he was little, so Vasi adores them!

He is somewhat in love with Lada. When I say slightly, I mean a lot, he's shy, so it's hard for him to admit it.

He never picks flowers for her; instead, he takes her to see a new species. Lada loves spending time with him and is fascinated by his knowledge. Build the next RoboMunch!