Fun fact:

Trains only his arms.

Main traits:
  • Clears tricky and impassable terrains
  • Strong hands
  • Older brother

Avoids Munchthematics classes

Meet Rilo

Every crew needs a person who can clear difficult and impassable terrains, and that's why the RoboMunch team has Rilo.

He spends his free time training, but he only trains his arms. His brother Ivica doesn't quite understand him but still trains with him. Rilo is a few seconds older than Ivica, but he always makes sure Ivica keeps that in mind. As an older brother, he cares for Ivica and always spends time with him, even when they're not training.

Giga gives him Munch math lessons, but Rilo often pretends to be sick to avoid attending the class. However, Giga doesn't give up and says that Rilo will one day become an expert in Munch finances. Rilo acts like he's never heard this before.

He loves spending time with Lada and learning about animals because he admires their beauty and strength. Although tough, Rilo often gives Lada gifts and cares for her. There are rumours among the crew that he's actually in love with her, but these rumours have yet to be officially confirmed. Build the next RoboMunch!