Fun fact:

Member of the rock band MANCHEZZZZZZI.

Main traits:
  • Excellent craftsman
  • Hardworking
  • Youngest in the crew

Secretly takes sweets from the stash.

Meet Jaro

The youngest in the team, yet the greatest master! Jaro is here to fix any glitch. He can levitate, which makes it easier for him to access any malfunction anywhere.

He loves assembling and disassembling things because he says that's the best way to understand the mechanism of everything and later fix malfunctions. He often holds workshops for the crew, trying to teach them how to repair things, but they need to take him more seriously.

Jaro and Zajak are best friends and brothers, and Orijana often joins their company. Although they are the youngest in the team, they are capable, hardworking, and intelligent. He loves sweets and knows every stash of Mirna's!

He always covers his tracks, and nobody suspects him of secretly taking the sweets. He enjoys going to MANCHEZZZZZZI rehearsals. Jaro admires Zijan and all his mischiefs, so he often follows him. His dream is to become as agile as Zijan and as wise as Alas. Build the next RoboMunch!