Fun fact:

Has 24 photo albums of the crew.

Main traits:
  • Endures exceptionally high temperatures
  • Sense of composition
  • Aluminum parasol

Can be a bit timid.

Meet Orijana

Orijana is small, cute, and somewhat timid. Before every adventure, she gathers courage and prepares for days.

The crew is always there for her and constantly reminds her how awesome she is! She doesn't like cold planets and is quite sensitive to the cold, so she doesn't understand Mena.

She can tolerate extremely high temperatures. Her aluminium parasol protects her from the sun but hides her nervousness before an adventure. She loves photographing adventures, other planets, and, most of all, her crew, especially Alas.

So far, she has 24 photo albums and no plans to stop. In addition to that, she loves comics, science fiction, drawing, and painting. The crew says she is a true artistic soul! Build the next RoboMunch!