Fun fact:

Gives lectures on history for the crew.

Main traits:
  • Communicates with all species
  • Understanding of philosophy
  • Rational

Doesn't like the rock band MANCHEZZZZZI

Meet Tale

Tale can communicate with all other species on any planet, which makes him a crucial crew member.

He is a philosopher and often asks philosophical questions the crew no longer bothers to answer. He believes that everything has a deeper meaning... absolutely everything.

He questions the crew's decisions, reads a lot, and loves history. He always brings up a fact that nobody knows, and everyone sees him as a treasure trove of knowledge. He adores classical music and believes nothing is more beautiful than the sound of piano and violin.

He once attended a MANCHEZZZZZZI concert, the first and last time.

Mena loves hanging out with him; when she grows up, she wants to be like Tale. He often gives lectures, mainly about history, and everyone attends, even Zijan. Build the next RoboMunch!