Fun fact:

Mirna’s husband

Main traits:
  • Gives the best advice
  • Experienced
  • Wise

Comes up with jokes that nobody understands

Meet Vasko

Vasko and Mirna are the oldest members of the RoboMunch team. They have been married for Munch years, even though they initially lived on two different planets. They fell in love at first sight when their gazes met through their telescopes.

Vasko takes care of Vasi and tries to spend as much time with him as possible. He takes him on adventures and always tells him stories about how difficult it used to be to travel through space and how long it took him to get to school.

All the RoboMunch members love Vasko and consider him to have the best advice in the universe!

They always gather around him, and he tells them about a new adventure they haven't heard of before. He plans to publish a book about their experiences soon, which will likely become the best-selling book ever.

Alas is his excellent friend who genuinely laughs at his dad's jokes. The rest of the crew doesn't find those jokes funny, and they hope they won't be included in that book. Build the next RoboMunch!