Fun fact:

Zijan wakes up the whole team every morning.

Main traits:
  • Best scout
  • Talented in finding new energy sources
  • Jokester

Sometimes too hyperactive

Meet Zijan

One of the best scouts in the Munch universe is here! He specializes in quickly spotting different types of energy and their sources. He is so fast that the rest of the team says he's a natural talent for it.

When he's not searching for new types of energy, he comes up with new jokes. He jokes about himself and the team. He often teases Rilo and Ivica because he knows he can easily escape from them (until he trips one day). If you ask the group, Zijan's jokes aren't the funniest, but everyone loves him because he always lifts the mood.
He constantly gets into trouble, and then for the next ten days, he recounts to the team what happened to him. Giga is his best friend who adores his jokes but constantly keeps an eye out to ensure he doesn't go too far with his mischiefs!

He is hyperactive and can't fall asleep before every adventure due to excitement. The team doesn't need an alarm because Zijan is the one who wakes them up every morning. Build the next RoboMunch!